Seduced by a question

  Every now and then, while smoking a cigarette, I like to ask myself " Does  the cigarette smoke ever reach the sky ? ". " ask" because that's where it has stayed. I never moved to the answer stage. More precisely, I didn't even try. Almost from the moment I first met this question... Continue Reading →


5 Ottobre

Non c’è acqua corrente, i frigoriferi sono riciclati come tutto il resto in questa stanza; Perla il gatto mi sfila tra le gambe mentre il divisorio di legno recuperato lascia filtrare della luce in questa cucina senza finestre. Barcellona, 5 Ottobre. Io, lui e una ferma intenzione; quella di fare il Salame al cioccolato. Una... Continue Reading →

How to annoy me.

I saw the surge of the tide grab hold of him. His two friends barely managed to stay put when the large waves came rolling in. Instantly the young man got pulled into deep waters by the currents. They shouted to get my attention, but I was already on my way. I swam towards the head... Continue Reading →

Heart of Summer

Warm summery sunshine gleemed off my sister's golden curls as she ran across the lush grass toward an old, round wooden cable spool on it's side - a makeshift table my dad had put in the middle of the yard. He was wearing a threadbare button down shirt, (as he usually did in the summer... Continue Reading →

To catch a train

- We can make it to the next station, he said. I looked down on the small man, not even half my size. - 400 Baht! - 200 or I'll take the morning train. - Okay farang, let's go! I jumped on the motorbike and took a sturdy grip around the waist of the driver,... Continue Reading →

2008, December 8th

I had quarreled with my colleagues after getting drunk at a restaurant.I walked to the rocks near the sea.I found this girl and boy,both Caucasians,mid twenties.They asked me to sing.As I started singing ,they started kissing passionately.Soon,I was just a background to their romance. I walked on .After a few minutes,I met a completely sloshed... Continue Reading →

2008, December 8th 

The mosquito net was wrapping me in a dark bubble, on the ceiling, the fan pulsed, in the distance, the thunderous waves smashed the sand in an other violent battle.  A body was lying beside me on the mattress, slowing down my run towards death.  The effort needed to leave that limbo emptied me of... Continue Reading →


It was seventh class and we were in the middle of our monthly tests. I had done decently in the last two tests but being just three months old in the school, I was eager to establish my "intelligence".This meant I had to score high and score higher than OTHERS. And so, during the Maths test... Continue Reading →

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