Seduced by a question

  Every now and then, while smoking a cigarette, I like to ask myself " Does  the cigarette smoke ever reach the sky ? ". " ask" because that's where it has stayed. I never moved to the answer stage. More precisely, I didn't even try. Almost from the moment I first met this question... Continue Reading →


2008, December 8th

I had quarreled with my colleagues after getting drunk at a restaurant.I walked to the rocks near the sea.I found this girl and boy,both Caucasians,mid twenties.They asked me to sing.As I started singing ,they started kissing passionately.Soon,I was just a background to their romance. I walked on .After a few minutes,I met a completely sloshed... Continue Reading →


It was seventh class and we were in the middle of our monthly tests. I had done decently in the last two tests but being just three months old in the school, I was eager to establish my "intelligence".This meant I had to score high and score higher than OTHERS. And so, during the Maths test... Continue Reading →

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