How to annoy me.

I saw the surge of the tide grab hold of him. His two friends barely managed to stay put when the large waves came rolling in. Instantly the young man got pulled into deep waters by the currents.

They shouted to get my attention, but I was already on my way. I swam towards the head that stayed submerged for longer and longer. He was half meter below the surface when I arrived. I just grabbed him by his hair and pulled him up. He was terrified, but surprisingly calm… Good. I didn’t have to slap him, even if he deserved one.

The twenty meters back to where my feet could touch the seafloor took forever in my mind. The fight with the waves turned out to be harder than I expected. With only one arm free and the weight of an extra body, I had to push hard to even advance the slightest.

We were both exhausted when we sat down on the beach. They thanked me, asked for my name and a few more questions, but then I left. I was angry they where this far out in the water without knowing how to swim… I hate stupidity…


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