2008, December 8th

I had quarreled with my colleagues after getting drunk at a restaurant.I walked to the rocks near the sea.I found this girl and boy,both Caucasians,mid twenties.They asked me to sing.As I started singing ,they started kissing passionately.Soon,I was just a background to their romance. I walked on .After a few minutes,I met a completely sloshed french girl who wanted my Beatles’ T-shirt. ” How much you want?” she screamed. I said “talk to me for one hour”. She agreed but soon her friends came.They were relieved she hadn’t drowned in the sea.They took her away.I walked on. Next, I met some Russians playing guitar.I started singing . They tolerated for a while and then went away,without saying goodnight.I walked towards the sea and saw a white man with silver hair, meditating. “Open your eyes!”I shouted.No response.I said he would never get Nirvana and laughed. “Please go away”, he said meekly.I felt guilty and walked on.I sat down on the sand.The night was getting colder when I saw a bald man in black robes walking across me. “Hey! Are you the pope? ” I shouted.He walked to me and said ” I am Italian but not the Pope.”We laughed and started talking.


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