It was seventh class and we were in the middle of our monthly tests. I had done decently in the last two tests but being just three months old in the school, I was eager to establish my “intelligence”.This meant I had to score high and score higher than OTHERS.

And so, during the Maths test when Aman, sitting next to me , asked the answer to a question, I flatly refused. I mean he was competition,topper in sixth class and second in last test. You don’t give up your advantage with  guys like that ! I feared there’d be some angry retaliation from him later on but nothing of that sort happened.

Two days later in the English test,I needed the answer to a question.With no one else close, I turned to Aman and guess what,  he told me the answer !I went to Aman after the test. “Why did you help me? “, I asked.He casually answered” No competition with friends”.This hit me very hard.Somehow, I instantly accepted and internalized that idea.A complete transformation.Never again I’d be the old competitive me. A new mantra and a new hero had arrived. My world had changed. In an instant.


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